Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation has the experience to provide services to assist with the Marcellus Shale drilling campaign in Pennsylvania.


Mid-Penn’s size, location and experience allows us to provide responsive, high quality engineering services to clients involved with gas exploration, as we understand the dynamic nature of the requirements and regulations involved.  Below is a list of the key services Mid-Penn Offers:

  • Well Pad & Access Design and Permitting
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Linear Pipeline Projects
  • Residual Waste Storage Impoundments
  • Frac Water Treatment Projects
  • Radiological Plans
  • Residual Waste Transfer Station Permitting
  • Comprehensive Surveying Services
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • PA One Call Compliance and Permitting
  • Stormwater/Water Quality Management
  • Water Supply Planning & Permitting
  • Natural Resource Studies
  • Community Relations
  • Gas Main Service/Metering/Pressure Regulator Design
  • NPDES Permits
  • GP 123
  • ESC GP1
  • GP 1 thru 11
  • Water Obstruction and Stream Encroachment\
  • Residual Waste Transfer Station Permitting
  • Dam Permits


Mid-Penn Engineering is proud of their reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

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