Mid-Penn building systems have been serving the Central Susquehanna Valley for several years. Our company is comprised of many licensed professionals in various aspects of planning and design. Our team looks forward to making every project successful using state-of-the-art technology and an integrated design approach.



Environmental Services that solve problems, and helps preserve the environment, natural resources, and wildlife. Mid-Penn is qualified to consult on the environmental impact of large construction projects and work on various serious environmental issues.


Design services for projects of varying scopes and complexities, from tenant build-outs to multi-residential projects and institutional, industrial, and commercial facilities. We provide creative solutions to customers’ needs by emphasizing fundamentally sound engineering methods, state-of-the-art technologies, and life-cycle costing to provide sustainable, energy-efficient, cost-effective designs.


Whether facilitating the permitting and approval process with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies or providing comprehensive Land Development Planning that encompasses feasibility investigations, conceptual planning, final designs, and approvals for commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and private clients. Mid-Penn Engineering has served thousands of private and municipal clients since opening our doors over 50 years ago.


Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation has the experience to provide services to assist with the Marcellus Shale drilling campaign in Pennsylvania. Mid-Penn’s size, location, and expertise allow us to give responsive, high-quality engineering services to clients involved with gas exploration, as we understand the dynamic nature of the requirements and regulations.


Structural analysis for a full range of applications that include commercial, industrial, and residential uses; whether you need a simple beam design for a home to a complex design for an industrial structure, we have you covered. We can provide complete design concepts and bidding packages that include structural, mechanical, electrical, and interiors for residential, commercial, and industrial building projects. This allows our clients to have every project component delivered from site development to project occupancy.


Surveying has been a fundamental part of Mid-Penn Engineering’s services since the firm was established in 1969. Precise survey calculations utilizing state-of-the-art electronic equipment continue to be a core component of Mid-Penn Engineering’s professional services..


We are living in a transportable society that requires a transportation system that is well-organized, secure, resourceful, and reliable. Mid-Penn provides engineering, including planning and design for transportation projects, from traffic studies to the complete reconstruction of roadways, bridges, and highways.
Mid-Penn is a Certified ECMS Approved partner and is experienced in traffic engineering and planning including traffic signal design and timing, intersection analysis, modeling and traffic impact studies. Mid-Penn is also skilled in the planning and design of rural bridge projects from bridge replacements on secondary roads, to the design of bridges on many highways. Mid-Penn relies on their construction administration services to ensure that the construction is in accordance with their design specifications.


Water and wastewater treatment needs vary, and we possess the technical expertise to design cost-effective solutions, whether a conventional solution or a more innovative approach to meet the most complex challenges. The bottom line is traditional or complex, we can develop cost-effective solutions for your project needs.